Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A night to (not)remember

This weekend, myself and three of my friends are going to the beautiful Melbourne to catch the Bliss n Eso “Running on Air” gig. Also we plan to go out clubbing afterwards because we are staying at a backpackers on King Street, which is notorious for it’s clubs and bars. The only problem is, that 3 out of the 4 of us are under 18, by only a few months. So all day we have been trying to think of ways to get into the clubs without having to show ID’s, we came up with 13 scenarios:

Scenario #1: Pretend we are deaf and that Stoney (18 year old) is our carer, he tells them that deaf people don’t have ID’s.

Scenario #2: Pretend to be blind and just walk into the club thinking it was our hostel. This requires white walking sticks and a Labrador.

Scenario #3: Get our nipples pierced, when they ask how old we are, we say “We have our nipples pierced, you have to be 18 to do that.” then flash them our nips.

Scenario #4: Walk around frantically with a photo of Stoney (who will already be in the club) and say he’s our brother that we’ve lost him.

Scenario #5: Go up to a guard and tell them we left our bag with all our stuff in it in the club.

Scenario #6: Tell the guard we ate some dodgey chinese for tea and we all need to use a toilet really bad.

Scenario #7: Say to the guard that a club owner down the road told us that this club was shit so we want to prove him wrong.

Scenario #8: Pretend we are retarded and Stoney is our carer.

Scenario #9: Actually give them our ID’s in the hope that they aren’t very good at math.

Scenario #10: Walk in waving at the guards saying “it’s cool bro, we’re with the DJ”

Scenario #11: Rock up with an instrument each and tell the door men that we’re tonight’s live band.

Scenario #12: Buy a “21st Birthday” sash for me to wear (as i look the oldest) and just strut on in.

Scenario #13: Pretend we are undercover cops on a drug raid.

Of course many of these thing’s are silly and will never work, but we had a great time discussing them with the rest of my class. The night will be documented with photographs. I will return in a week or so to let you know how my the night turned out. Either way it will include a lot of laughs, which shits all over simply drinking and dancing. Sometimes :D

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