Friday, June 24, 2011

Arty Stuff :)

Since I was a youngen I’ve loooved art, I remember growing up at school when we did an activity that included drawing something everyone came to me if they found something hard to draw and I helped them out. This doesn’t happen anymore as the people in my Studio Art class are quite capable of doing their own thing. My awesome art teacher organised life drawing classes for us, which has really helped me and I can see that I’m always improving. For a long time I would never draw things because they weren’t perfect but now I’ve realised the more I draw the better I get so lately I’ve been doing heaps of drawings of all types of things, I’m mostly into fashion illustration and also I’m doing a painting at school that I’m really pleased with that I cannot wait to complete so I can hang it up in my room. Below are some illustrations that are pretty rough and also my incomplete painting. My new found love for art is making me happy and motivated, I hope I don’t lose it :D

They all look better in person but, you get the general idea :) 

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