Saturday, June 25, 2011

We are the youth!!

This is the last year of high school for me, and up until now I have always wanted to be out living my life, doing what I want, not having to answer to anyone. It’s now I realise what I have, I have love, happiness, freedom, amazing friendships that will last a lifetime, I know what’s it’s like to have a crush, I know what it’s like to be in love and to miss someone with all I have, all these things are a part of life that everyone will experience many times throughout their life, but as a teenager we can experience all these things in one day. Many things come with being a teenager, we are expected to live up to the expectations of our parents and our peers, we are expected to do well in every aspect of our life, and sometimes we can’t do that, sometimes everything just gets too much and we have to let lose. For some of us this means getting out of the house for a week or so, going away from friends and family to sort our heads out and have a bit of peace, for others this means going out with friends and getting absolutely wrecked, dancing the night away and hooking up with someone. We are often excused for being reckless yet are judged by all when we are. We are constantly told what we can and cannot do and often rebel against the rules because we are fighting for our independence, yet when we finally get it we wish we had the security of having boundaries because we then realise it’s too hard to make every single decision on our own. These years are the years to stuff up, rather than later in life when things are more important. Sometimes we make mistakes that we have to live with, whether this means we got with someone our friends give us shit about everyday or we unintentionally hurt someone we care about, these things, these mistakes help us to grow and to learn, without them we wouldn’t be the individuals we are today. We are the youth, we do what we’re told, we do what we want, this is the time to say “Screw it” and just go for it without regret. We are young, wild and free.

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