Sunday, July 24, 2011

Break Time

On July 1st Mum and I flew to my favorite place in the world that I refer to as my “Future Home” which is Mackay, QLD where I only just got home from, mum left two weeks ago. I first went up there in 2009 by myself to stay with my Mums cousin, Susan and ever since it’s held a special place in my heart. My second cousin Jayden whose the same age as me introduced my to all his friends who shortly became my friends. So, since that summer I've made the effort to get up there at least once a year, I wish I could go up more often but, I just don't have the money. This was the first time Mum had ever been up, I think she was just curious to see why I loved it so much up there, she soon found out when she met my friends. Because they're amazing :D.
  Anyway, back to finding passion and shizz. I think I have sorted out my next two maybe three years. Susie is the most amazing woman and has offered me a room in her home for next year as I plan on going up there to work for a year or two doing unskilled labour in the mines which would likely be something awful like truck driving, but for the amount of money I’d be getting paid I’m going to suck it up and do it. Them after that I’d like to travel for a year and then come back to Australia to go to Uni as a “mature aged” student, and I kind want to do journalism or something, I love fashion, travel and photography sp, I think that would be a good thing for me to do, but who knows, I could change my mind again. And this time I welcome that change because every time it happens I seem to find myself a bit more.
I think I might need to rename this blog “Finding My Passion” rather than losing it. I’m having fun with it though.
I'll put photos up of this beautiful place shortly.

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