Thursday, August 18, 2011

Copy Cat Marc

As anyone thats knows me well would know, I'm in love with Alexander McQueen, because, well, he was a genius and the fashion house continues to produce the most amazing fashion and jewelry I've seen to date. I was just flicking through the "just in"s on Polyvore and noticed that Marc Jacobs has a new jewelry collection when I came across a leather wrap around wrist band that looked to me like a straight up copy of what McQueen has been producing for the last year or more. I do like Marc Jacobs, he's brilliant, and I know that there are a lot of leather wrap around wrist bands out there but they just looked so much like the McQueen ones.. I thought Marc was better than that..

Marc Jacobs wrist band:
 Alexander McQueen wrist band:

Is it a copy cat, or is it just me being over protective of my one love?
You tell me :) 

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